Frigos Europe produces isothermal bodies for commercial and industrial vehicles, producing and assembling sandwich panels of extruded polystyrene with laminates of glass fibre. The panels, produced by us, which compose the isothermal body, do not have any other type of interior re-enforcement. In fact the latest combination of hard foam/isolating material does not require any ulterior re-enforcement and thus giving the body a homogeneous structure that is contemporarily compact and extremely solid.

Pannello Tradizionale

The isothermal panel is made of expanded polyurethane covered by laminates of glass fibre, where at regular intervals it is necessary to insert supports as re-enforcements so as to assure the solidity and sustenance of the structure.

Pannello isotermico Frigos Europe

The isothermal panel produced by Frigos Europe is constructed as a sandwich together with extruded polystyrene covered by laminates of glass fibre without having to insert any type of re-enforcement whatsoever.

The principal advantages that you obtain by not having to use the inserts of re-enforcements are:

  1. a noticeable reduction in the tare

Furgone con pannello tradizionale e pannello isotermico

  1. a reduction in the thermal dispersion

Schema pannelli

Interior of the body
Exterior of the body



The sandwich panel structures, made from self-supporting materials, make the elimination of the vertical reinforcement bars possible while the whole wagon still maintains high mechanical resistance when heavier loads are transported.


By eliminating the useless reinforcement bars, thanks to the use of self-supporting materials, we can guarantee a lighter finished product with a higher capacity.

Low thermal conductivity

The lack of bars eliminates the “thermal bridge” effect between the internal and external wagon parts so that thermal dispersion is reduced. This is a key factor to guarantee the inalterability of the transported goods and the reduction of consumption.

Resistance to humidity

Over time, the panels maintain their insulating characteristics and resist freezing/defrosting cycles. A possible accident causing laminate breakage with consequent water infiltration does not affect the integrity of the panel.

Safe-guard of the environment

The extruded polystyrene, completely recyclable, is expanded with CO2, a natural gas largely present in the atmosphere without altering its delicate balance.

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